Run automations every weekday with shortcuts

Bypass Apple’s arbitrary rules to run automations only on weekdays

Apple’s Shortcuts app for iOS offers automations, which can automatically run triggers based on changes to your device.

I have an automation I wanted to run every weekday morning, and the Automations UI in Shortcuts seems to support this: Apple's bad helptext

But, when you click into this, there’s no option to run the automation only on weekdays: Time selection can only run daily

This is a dumb, and Apple should really correct the first screen if they don’t offer that feature. There is a solution though. Using the native feature of Shortcuts we can get the current date and then format this date to only show the first three letters of the weekday (use format EEE).

Then we use if statements to check if the current weekday is a day that starts with S, and only run the shortcut if that is False (i.e. we skip the shortcut on Saturday and Sunday).